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You're in luck, Cone. Dramatically improve your numbers in 8 weeks.

Build the foundation for your PJ/CRO training, get your numbers up, and get accepted into Indoc with Brian Silva's PASS THE PAST Workout Program!

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  • You're not sure what type of training is best for crushing the PAST
  • You want to go to Indoc as soon as possible, so you need the MOST targeted and efficient workout program
  • You have tried making your own workout plans but cant find a balance of strength vs. cardio
  • Other workout programs haven't delivered on their promises or just focus on the wrong thing
  • Or maybe you just want to learn how get your numbers up from someone who was an ACTUAL Indoc Instructor and knows tried and true methods

All of that shit sucks! Stop WASTING your TIME.

The PAST is the entrance exam to get into Pararescue Indoctrination. It's also the perfect opportunity to leave a positive first impression on the Indoc instructors since the PAST is their first introduction to you.  

The fact is 30% of all candidates who attempt to pass the PAST after Basic Military Training fail. So if you're thinking about shipping to Basic Military Training with the minimum PAST numbers, you are effectively setting yourself up for failure.  

I don't think anyone should have to guess how to train, which is exactly why I developed this workout program. I have incorporated tried and true methods that will help you improve if you stay consistent and put in the work!

INTRODUCING... The ultimate PAST prep program, developed by the Pararescue Indoctrination instructor that literally wrote the current Indoc lesson plans, to help you CRUSH the PAST!



This 8-week program is designed for prospective PJ/CRO trainees that do not meet the PAST standards. Candidates from other career fields such as CCT/TACP/SOWT/SERE have also successfully utilized this program. If you have taken the PAST test and were not able to pass a certain event, this program is for you. With a focus on swimming, running, and calisthenics, this program builds the foundation for the rest of your PJ training prep.


This program consists of 6 days/wk of intense training. I designed this program to be progressive in nature, comprised of bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, swim, and run routines. Although this is my introductory workout program, it's NOT easy. You should have a foundation of fitness prior to starting this program. You will be able to choose any Monday start date following your purchase.


Think of me as your coach. This isn’t just a workout program... it's the most targeted for PJ Indoc you will find. I made sure to put a lot of thought in how each workout is organized, to make it as efficient as possible. This is not a PDF workout you print out and take to the gym, it's MUCH more. My premium app delivers your workout effortlessly by providing video instructions, and I offer my personal tips, comments, mentorship on each workout day through the app. You will be able to contact me via email and connect with the BE A PJ community of likeminded people through my Facebook VIP group.  



Fins, Mask, Snorkel, Towel, Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball

Weight Vest is optional

You will also need access to a pull up bar and pool.


Brian Silva, Coach, is a former Pararescueman who was the lead instructor/instructor supervisor at PJ Indoctrination over the last 3 years. While stationed at JBSA Lackland, he was honored to be able to instill the PJ mentality in the students going through the Pararescue Indoctrination Course, and had the opportunity to re-write the lesson plans for the course in 2018. 

His goal for this workout program is to impart as much knowledge as possible, providing insight no one else can provide.

Through his targeted coaching, he utilizes his 12+ years of experience as a PJ Team Leader to motivate and inspire you. At the end of these workout programs you will have confidence that you will never fail an evaluation while at the Indoctrination course... provided you put in the hard work and follow his guidance to a "T".

Brian is currently still active duty, pursuing a Master of Physician Assistant Studies at a top 10 rated school.

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  • 8 weeks of Targeted workouts written by a former Indoc Instructor
  • Workouts delivered effortlessly on my app
  • Access to the training via the app for 1 year
  • Track progress/Take progress photos through the app
  • Access to the How to be a PJ VIP Community
  • FREE eGuide Nutrition for the Parescue Athlete
  • 1 FREE Video exercise form critique to ensure proper INDOC form

Client Feedback

"I am currently doing the Pass the PAST and I am loving every second of it. I like the fact that all exercises are Indoc specific. Since starting the program I can definitely see a lot of improvements with more still to come! Unlike some programs I have done, I enjoy that with yours it’s just a simple grind every workout nothing to complicated it’s either you enjoy the pain or you don’t." -Chris

"I am currently doing the Pass the PAST program. I’ve seen gains in my cardio ability to keep up with long workouts. I’ve gained 5lbs of muscle solely doing cals, running and swimming and following the nutrition plan. I like that the plan comes from someone that not only is in the careerfield but also was part of [the] training plan at Indoc." - MC

"I love the routine and the way the weekly schedule is worked out: previously I'd had a lot of trouble finding a way to do both running, swimming, and calisthenics on a regular basis, but the workout helps you make good use of your time."- TG

"This program is insane. I'm going into my third week and can tell a huge difference from when I started." -Mike

"Today's workout was brutal. Broke me off. Loving the program dude. Definitely seeing the gains, perfect difficulty. It all seems very relevant and thought out rather than just an average workout routine for someone getting into shape." - PL


This program isn't for everyone...

This program focuses specifically on how to get your numbers up to pass the PAST. If you can already pass the PAST, check out my Indoc Grad workout to get past Grad standards.  

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